What’s New for the Boatyard?

Lake Grove Park opened the boat yard to our campers in 2012. Its purpose was, and still is, to remove the clutter of trailers from the PARK. While that purpose has been achieved, the Boat Yard has now become a clutter of trailers. We need a better organization. Expanding the size of the boat yard, and registering trailers are steps we took last year to improve its organization.

Introducing Boat Yard 2022 (By-22)

Boat Yard, 2022 (BY22) introduces defined parking spaces that matches the trailer size.

  • Pontoon trailers space size 14 ft x 35 ft
  • Trailers for single hull boats space size 12ft x 30 ft
  • Jet skis and storage trailers space size 8ft x 20 ft

See parking layout below. Follow directions from the manager for parking.

Eligibility for By-22 Parking

To be eligible for a parking space in BY22 our campers must observe the following general rules.

  • A Camper in Good Standing according to our lease
  • Display the current LGP issued registration tag
  • Cut the grass after talking with manager
  • Avoid using the space for “junk”

Read the Fine Print

Details are important, so please read this fine print:

  • Parking spaces are offered as a courtesy only. Meaning: One camper’s damage to another camper’s boat or trailer is NOT the responsibility of the PARK. Use at your own risk.
  • Secure your own trailer. PARK is not responsible for any loss or damage to your trailer
  • Campers are not automatically assigned a space, capacity limits may apply
  • Summer trailer parking fee may apply to non-boat trailers.
    Storage trailers, small house trailers, and commercial trailers will be assessed a summer trailer parking fee
  • Any trailer or “junk” remaining in BY22 but not registered for winter storage will be considered abandon property.
    LGP will dispose of it at the end of the camping season.