What’s new for the Boat Yard 2023?

Last year Lake Grove Park (PARK) announced a reorganization of the Boat Yard that took advantage of its expanded size and registration of boat trailers. With this new organization in place, we have more exciting news. Boat Yard – 2023 now has a BOAT WASH and SHEDS.

Introducing Boat Wash-2023

Campers often wash their boats at their campsites. The BOAT WASH provides a better option. On the reverse side is a map showing the organization of the Boat Yard. Note the directional flow of the roads entering and exiting the Boat Yard for 2023 (BY-23). After leaving the parking area that is enclosed by a fence, you’ll see the BOAT WASH. It is a post-mounted valve with handle which when opened will produce 30 psi water pressure.

When you want to wash your boat, enter the BY-23 and pull into the BOAT WASH area. Bring your own hoses, nozzles, brushes and washing solution. After connecting your hose to the valve open the handle, then … start washing. Wash water will drain away from the BOAT WASH, but please limit the amount of water you use. An environmentally friendly wash solution is highly recommended. When finished, please make sure that the valve’s handle is firmly closed.

Introducing the SHEDS for rent

SHEDS are 8’x 10’ which is slightly larger than the 6’x 8’ shed allowed in the PARK. This larger sized shed can accommodate a golf cart and other stuff. Campers may wish to use these larger sheds to store summer items that otherwise would have to be transported home in the fall. Access the SHEDS by a separate roadway near the BOAT WASH. We’re renting these SHEDS by the year. The PARK hopes that campers find them a convenience. Interested campers must execute the current “Boat Yard Rental agreement” for details governing SHED rentals

READ the fine Print

Details are important, so please read this fine print

  • Two Open Areas: Boat Yard and Camp Cornell – Manager’s permission required to use these areas
  • Summer trailer parking fee may apply to non-boat trailers. Storage trailers, small house trailers, and commercial trailers will be assessed a summer trailer parking fee
  • Winter trailer parking is available for a fee. See the manager before Sept 15 for reduced pricing.
  • Any trailer or “junk” remaining in BY23 but not registered for winter storage will be considered abandon property. PARK will dispose of it at the end of the camping season.
  • Acceptance of the current “Boat Yard Rental agreement” is assumed when using the Boat Yard