In years past any activities on the East Lawn of the Red Roof Pavilion were crowded. This 2022 pictures show corn hole played on the east lawn. Participants are limited to open areas. Not that the East Lawn is small; creating the crowed sensation were too many trees and uneven ground. Expect changes for Camping Season 2024.

Pictured below is construction around the RRP. See how grading with the removal of trees provides more useable space in the East Lawn. Compared with the 2022 picture, this additional space will give our campers more room and more opportunities. By late Fall 2023, a lawn was planted. Comparison of the summer 2022 corn hole picture with the fall 2023 construction picture provides both a glimpse of these changes in 2024 and new opportunities for activities at the RRP.

So what exactly are the changes and new opportunities?

First, the excess and diseased trees were removed and the stumps dug out. Grading created a taper separating the playground to the south and the creek to the north and east. Finaly construction of a 20 ft level area allows parking of golf carts to face two directions. Carts parked facing WEST look into the RRP while those facing EAST overlook the new lawn. The result is a thick lawn with golf cart parking options and attractive tapering.

What could be the new opportunities for activities? Some suggestions include:

  • The new lawn become a great site for corn hole
  • Golf Cart parking on the EAST side provides a view of activities in either the RRP or the lawn.
  • Cook out and bond fires in the Bar-Be-Que (BBQ) pit
  • Removing the BBQ uncovers a 10ft concrete circle suitable for an announcer or score keeper

Our imaginative campers will undoubtedly think of other events or layout that are well suited to the new lawn. As our camping season progresses, use your imagination for location of events in the RRP area. Expect changes for 2024!!