How do I apply as a new camper at the PARK?

The process of becoming a camper at the PARK starts with the First Step Application. After submitting this application, we strongly recommend scheduling a visit to the PARK for a meeting with the Rental Agent.

What can I add to my existing unit?

We care about how the PARK looks. One method of assuring this visual appeal is through specific size limits for porches and sheds. These are the only two additions that the PARK permits to a camping unit. Please see the manager for details. Before any construction begins, campers must submit a drawing of the proposed porch or shed on form W2 Addition to campsite for manager’s review and approval.

What age of units do you accept?

A unit entering the PARK must be no older than 20 years. We do not give exceptions.

Why do you only allow electric golf carts?

To cover the 60 Acres of the PARK most campers purchase a golf cart. We only allow electric golf carts. They are quieter and cleaner than gasoline powered carts. When you have your cart …. be sure to participate in the July 4th Golf Cart Parade. It’s loads of fun, with prizes awarded. The parade has even been featured in the local newspaper!

What is the PARK’s Historic Corridor?

Most campers and many visitors notice that the west side of Cayuta Lake is more densely populated than the east side where the PARK is located. How did that occur? Why does the PARK have Garret’s Point? Who was Garret? What was Camp Cornell? Find these answers and more at the three stations that form the Historic Corridor located at the South of the PARK. Usually on the July 4th weekend, the owner gives a narrated history of the Cayuta Lake area by walking along the Historic Corridor. Sign up for this walking tour with the Activities Director.

Can we obtain a copy of the PARK’s lease and Rules?

The PARK’s lease changes very infrequently while the rules are reviewed as need but at least biannually. Annual renewals of a camper’s lease are for the lease and rules in effect for the current camping season.

Do you accept transient campers for a weekend or a week?

Yes we do. If you want information on reserving a site, please contact our rental agent, Nancy, preferably by email. nancyLakeGrove@gmail.com also 607-426-5562

You will also find Lake Grove Park on Facebook

How can you contact us?

We’re out-and-about so the easiest way to contact us is by email.

How do I purchase an existing unit in the PARK?

Prospective campers who are considering BUYING a unit from an existing camper should follow the steps below. Completion of these steps will assure a smooth transition from the selling camper to you.

  1. Complete the First Step Application; then, contact our Rental Agent for an interview and tour of the PARK.
  2. Confirm that you will allow the PARK to give your name to any camper who may be selling their camp unit.
  3. Understand that existing campers are selling their camping units and personal property located on their campsites. Existing campers ARE NOT selling the campsite or land. The PARK’s rules apply to all campers.
  4. Transfer of the campsite lease IS NOT automatic but rather requires approval by the rental agent and PARK owner. Final closings of all sales are done at Cabin #1.
  5. No closing activity will occur until the existing camper pays the 10% transfer fee.
  6. Transfer of checks, leases, and proof of money exchange are done in front of the Rental agent at the final closing.
  7. The PARK is private property; contact the Rental Agent to ask permission to enter the Park to see any campsites.
IMPORTANT Note: LGP will refuse to register any buyer who fails to follow these steps. The prospective camper receives a lease only after completing these steps.
How do I sell my unit in the PARK?

If the unit is less than 20 years old and is acceptable to stay in the PARK, an existing camper may sell their unit on the site. Units that are not accepted to stay in the PARK must be moved.

Listed below are these steps for SELLING a unit on the campsite.

  1. Notify the Rental Agent of your intention to sell.
  2. Meet with Rental Agent to make sure your unit is eligible for sale under the Park rules.
  3. You and the Rental Agent will write up a description of the unit and items (*) that go with it to be sold. Rental Agent will take pictures and help you advertise on the PARK’s Facebook page and website.
  4. Potential buyers will contact the Rental Agent or you to view unit and items for sale.
  5. All sellers must have the title of the unit in their name before any transfer of the lease.
  6. All negotiations must be done in front of Rental Agent.
  7. All transfers of keys, title transfers, checks and money must be done in Cabin 1 in front of Rental Agent to verify proof of sale.
  8. The seller must pay to LGP the 10 percent (10%) transfer fee at the time of closing (**).
  9. Plan the closing with the Rental Agent which is done in Cabin 1.
IMPORTANT Note: LGP will refuse to register the buyer of your camping unit and other personal property if you fail to follow these steps. The new camper receives a lease only after completing these steps.

* includes boats, docks, upgrades, golf cart, dishes and personal property
**Selling or gifting to family members is also considered a transfer subject to the fee schedule as determined by LGP

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