Lawrence 1959 by Lois O’Connor

From Nov 2 to Nov 7, 1959 readers of the Ithaca Journal enjoyed a six-part series on the Lawrence family. The author was Lois O’Connor who contributed to the Journal’s “Year of History.” This series remains as a well-accepted reference about this prominent family that settled in the Cayuta Lake area

The Articles

Download the articles as PDFs below:

Ithaca Journal of New York State’s “year of History”

Lawrence Families Helped shape Early Settlement Along Cayuta Lake

Big Operators’ from New York made First Land Purchase

Lawrence Brothers Leave New York in 1818 for Cayuta Lake

Man of High Distinction’ Built Foutainebleau back in 1814

White Gates built by Judge Lawrence in 1825

Lawrence of Cayuta Lake Left a Legacy of 3 Historic Houses