LGP Collection

Within the LGP (Lake Grove Park) Collection are historical maps and drawings illustrating the influence of three events on the geography of Cayuta Lake. The first is the division of the portion of the Watkins Flint purchase called the Lawrence property, The second is the surveying by Cornell students at Camp Cornell around the lake area. And the third is the resettlement of lands leading to the formation of the NYS Game Management area.

More About Maps in the LGP Collection

Origin of the LGP Collection is from several sources. To cite references for individual maps within the collections, contact Director, Schuyler County Historic Society at 607-535-9741 or info@schuylerhistory.org. References for maps 3, 6 and 7 contact Carol Fagnan Historian, Town of Catharine at 607-594-2062.

Topographical Maps

Full-size maps are available from the Historical Society. We encourage you to contact them to explore further.

Aeriel Maps

Aeriel Maps are available as PDF downloads as follows:

1944 Caytua Lake

1964 Caytua Lake

1985 Caytua Lake

2011 Caytua Lake