The first day of spring, 2020

Spring brings beautify flowers and trees and the return of the camping season. This spring also includes the COVID-19 pandemic. Our campers ask “What is its impact on Lake Grove Park?” I want to answer this question by applying the guidance issued by our health department and Chamber of Commerce.

Governor Cuomo urges us to stay at home and keep a safe distance of 6 ft from others. Our 60 Acre PARK with its large campsite is ideally suited for campers to distance themselves. In addition, most use the PARK as a summer get-away from the more crowded city living. So, my view is that the PARK provides a location that satisfies the Governor’s directive. I expect the PARK will open on May 15 as usual.

The PARK usually opens its gates before May 15 but the Governor has ordered a “pause”. Clearly if you have flu-like symptoms you should stay at home. Otherwise I suggest a “pause” for the PARK includes:

  1. Comply with recommendation about hand washing, sneezing, and self-quarantine at home
  2. Minimize social gatherings within the PARK
  3. Limit guests that you invite to the PARK

We want our campers to enjoy the PARK. This year our business practices involving early opening are dependent on the actions from the NYS Health department.

  1. Distribution of potable water occurs after appropriate approval by NYS Health Department
  2. Reservations for visitor sites and the Red Roof Pavilion will open on April 1 but their confirmation will depend on Health Department recommendations.
  3. Units for sale will be shown by appointment to interested buyers starting May 1

Given uncertainties related to water testing and enforcement of the “pause”, I strongly recommend no overnight camping until May 15. Let’s not panic. As we overcome these uncertainties, recommendations will change. The PARK represents a healthy alternative to crowded living. Stayed tuned for updates.

Despite the challenges this Spring brings, the PARK will continue to provide a restful environment for our campers. In these early days of spring Steve is busy in the PARK using a variety of equipment. I ask campers to limit the movement of camping units until he has given his permission. Steve starts his regular hours in the PARK on April 1. Contact him before you start transfers or alterations.

Welcome to camping season 2020