The first day of Spring 2021

If last year’s camping season was memorable, this season will be hopeful. COVID vaccinations are progressing. This progress is a hopeful sign of change in recommendations for mask wearing, separation distance, and hand washing. With these changes I’m anticipating that our current camping season should be more normal than last.

The PARK will continue to comply with the Governor’s recommendation. At the time of this writing, recommendations for vaccinated populations are evolving. We will use postings on Facebook and our community bulletin boards to inform you of changes in our operations. Please read to stay informed.

My February 2021 campers letter ended with a sentence that several campers have applauded. I’ll repeat it here because we do live in a great country.

As memories fade let’s be proud citizen that we developed a vaccine in less than 1 year!

Reference: Campers Letter, Groundhogs day 2021, by Jim Allen