The first week of April 2020

We’ve made progress since our last statement. I’m happy to report that water testing appears to be on schedule. I anticipated that our water will be approved for distribution by May 15 if not before.

The second uncertainty we face, civil policies addressing the COVID Pandemic, continues to evolve. Up-to-date policy guidance is available on all media outlets. Rather than implement new rules for the PARK, I trust our campers to respond to these evolving public health recommendations. Social distancing is a mainstay of disease prevention. I ask our campers to use their best judgement about the current public policy when visiting their sites.

Safety of our staff is important as is maintaining the friendly environment of the PARK. Combination of safety and friendliness is the basis for the approach I’ve asked our staff to follow:

We’re friendly but We’re social distancing

To implement We’re friendly but We’re social distancing, I’ve asked our staff to observe the following:

  • Maintain a 6 feet separation when talking with our campers
  • When conducting any meetings provide facilities for a 6-foot separation
  • Minimize the passing of documents such as leases and schedules in favor of using email delivery

While We’re friendly but We’re social distancing will be helpful, both our staff and our guests must comply with more comprehensive recommendations. Hand washing, sneezing containment, and self-quarantine at home are critical to the health of all of us. As an additional step to limit the spread of COVID-19, I ask all our campers to use the toilet in their camping units rather than our common toilets.

Camping season 2020 is starting out as memorable. I believe by using We’re friendly but We’re social distancing for our staff and best judgements on public recommendations for our guests, our memories will be peaceful rather than fearful. I’ll continue to communicate as the season unfolds.

Welcome to camping season 2020